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Starring Roles On TV

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Shows with Terrence as lead actor

The Courtroom
"Nudist Beach" 2004
"Owzat!" 2004
"One Hit Wonder" 2004
"One In Six" 2004
"The Right To Die With Dignity" 2004
"Bookends" 2004
Judge Garrett Warburton James
Ten episodes, from 1994 - 1998
"Monk's Hood" 1994
"The Virgin In The Ice" 1995
"The Devil's Novice" 1996
"A Morbid Taste For Bones" 1996
"The Rose Rent" 1997
"Saint Peter's Fair" 1997
"The Raven In The Foregate" 1997
"The Holy Thief" 1998
"The Potter's Field" 1998
"The Pilgrim Of Hate" 1998
Abbot Radulfus
The Demon Headmaster
18 Episodes  1996-1998 (plus Children in Need special)
Series 1  Six episodes, based on the books "The Demon Headmaster" and "The Prime Minister's Brain"
Series 2  Six episodes, based on the book  "The Demon Headmaster Strikes Again"
Series 3 Six episodes, based on the book "The Demon Headmaster Takes Over"
The Headmaster
Mini Series 1983
Chief Supt. Franks

My Father's House

Mini Series 1981

Alec Blake

Secret Army
12 Episodes from Series 3 1979
"The Last Run"
"A Safe Place"
"Ring Of Rosies"
"Just Light The Blue Touch Paper"
"Sound Of Thunder"
"Days Of Judgement"
"The Execution"
Major Hans Dietrich Reinhardt

Diary Of A Nobody

TV Series 1979

Charles Pooter

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